Dairy farming: A family tradition

Sweet Meadows milk is produced by cows raised on eight family-owned and -operated farms located in America’s heartland. Our dairy farmers use traditional farming practices that have been passed down in their families for generations, and they hope to continue these traditions for generations to come.

Our farmers believe in giving their cows the best life possible. Their farms are smaller, with an average herd size of 50 cows. The daily work is done by the farmers and their families themselves, only rarely with any hired help, so they can personally tend to each of the cows. The farmers often wake before the sun rises, work until well after dark and know every cow by name. They believe that cows should be allowed to act like cows – to roam freely in the fresh air and green pastures and to enjoy the freedom of an open sky. Because when you give cows the best life possible, you get the best milk in return.

Our farm is blessed with rolling pastures and we’ve been raising dairy cows here for four generations.

Jim and Doug Benham Pleasant Run Stock Farm

I love the cows. There’s just no doubt about it. There’s nothing like going out and just walking among them.

The Dicke Family

To me, it was exactly what I felt like God designed a cow to be: on grass, doing its thing. That’s our goal.

Gina and David Tighe Tighe Farms Dairy